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The original of Xinke Protective could be traced back to the year of 1998. It is the dream of Mr. Shang that is to be the world class manufacturer of FR Fabrics. Xinke Protective starts to pursue the road of this dream by 12 founders. So far,Website:, Xinke Protective has more than 18 years experience in producing advanced flame retardant fabrics for personal protection and work wear, and is the premier producer of safety fabrics in China. With many years of extensive experience and dedicated textile technicians, Xinke Protective provides a total range of protective fabrics with a strong focus on innovation and quality assurance.
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1. Flame retardant fabric, Flame resistant fabric, Fire resistant fabric, FR fabric; 2. FR and anti-static fabric; 3. FR and water/teflon fabric; 4. Anti-mosquito fabric; 5. Anti-UV fabric; 6. All kinds of functional and technical fabrics
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